Retail Enterprise

Is your reverse supply chain optimised and sustainable.

with data to prove it

Managing surplus inventory and liquidations is a huge time consuming and resource heavy job.

How can you optimise surplus inventory liquidations, safeguard your brand, protect your front line markets, drive zero waste, offset emissions and capture the data to prove it to keep all stakeholders satisfied?

Why use stocs?

We provide…

  • 2x market standard recoveries
  • Brand safeguards with STOCS re-commerce platforms
  • A brand buffer – products sell on their own merits
  • Sales support – no buyer enquiries to deal with
  • Heavy lifting – full global logistics support
  • Cross-border re-commerce, protecting front-line markets
  • Sustainability and financial recovery data on demand
  • Selling surplus at scale in-country or out of country; you decide
  • A transparent audit trail
  • Emissions tracked and offset with a double down carbon reduction solution
  • Leaving no footprint or waste
  • Some 20 years’ secondary market experience