The Next Generation Economy is Circular

The World’s economy of take > make > waste is linear and unsustainable. Re-use is circular but the emerging economy needs powering with proprietary technology. 

Shopping needn’t cost the earth

The secondary market is broken, it is a Wild West of fire sales recovering no more than 10 cents in the dollar, where everything – good, bad and indifferent – goes into one big resale melting pot offline or on legacy platforms, where the experience is ‘buyer beware’.
The challenge is not so much just the products but the data associated with the products. Fix the data and you are able to fix the solution. stocs pure tech and platform play triages large scale consignments to categorise, condition and grade and then automatically route the right graded product to the right optimum resale platform, thus offering the best recovery rates over 2x market standard that is also both carbon negative and zero waste.

Speed & Scale

Software and technology optimising circular sustainability.

Recommerce recoveries are brokered with our global network of buyers and stock moves directly from the retail enterprise to the sale location, allowing us to operate on an asset light business model with ultra-low running costs.
Our 5-year growth strategy will further develop the technology using AI and ML to deliver more efficient processes and live customer dashboards, all with no stock and no warehouses.

The Problem

Every year millions of tonnes of retail goods are thrown away or sold at a fraction of the value.
The current market is broken because the data is broken – little structure or standardised data, with products not sorted or graded.  

Our Solution

We are rethinking reverse logistics. 
Starting with the data problem, our tech cleanses, standardises and structures secondary market big data for optimum product sortation, resale, shipping and sustainability. 
By fixing the inputs we are then able to optimize the outputs.   

Business model

  • Managing Goods on Consignment – no Cost of Goods
  • Revenue generated by seller and buyer sales commissions

Why sellers use stocs

  • Safeguard brand value and equity
  • Cross border re-commerce; protecting frontline markets
  • Sustainability & financial recovery data on demand
  • Speed, scale & 20 years’ secondary market knowledge

Why buyers use stocs

  • Confidence in accurate data
  • Confidence in product grading
  • No transactional risk
  • Convenience of logistics
  • Comfort in Customs Clearance


"The nuance of the stocs business is the technology which doesn’t currently exist - this is the value add for sellers by grading product rather than lumping all categories together and helping buyers to identify value by categorising the products for sale."

Mitchel Lenson

Advisor and Investor

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