How we sort our stock

We scour the world’s markets to find the best deals but the stock has to be triaged to ensure that we match the grade of the stock to the needs of our buyers.

Grade A

Brand‑new, boxed, sealed/unopened and undamaged product, in original packaging with no packaging damage. Product packaging is free of any notable dust or dirt. Typically an Overstock, Failed Delivery, Customer Changed Mind or Outer Zone of Loss Event type product. A Grade A product is of a retail standard you would be happy to purchase to give to someone as a gift.

Grade B

This is either open boxed product or with minor packaging damage, or both. Product may or may not have been used, have minor cosmetic damage to the physical product but no material faults to the working product. Grade B products are something you would not consider of good enough quality to buy as a gift but it is something you may consider buying for yourself to use, given the saving against full retail price.  You may also consider that it is worth sacrificing a bit of cosmetic quality for a working product at a cheaper price point. Typically an open boxed customer return with minor scuffs, scratches, bankruptcy liquidation or minor impact zone loss event product.

Grade C

Product is either boxed with significant packaging or product damage (scratches and dents) or totally unboxed, it could also be incomplete (such as missing accessories, product parts and/or leads). The product will have notable damage – this maybe cosmetic or may also be material fault damage rendering the product unworkable for its main manufactured use. If we are not sure, it is best to render as a Grade C item. Often sold in bulk suitable for buyer refurbishment.

Grade D

Product has known faults, whether complete or incomplete. Not good enough for manufactured use in any way, however it contains product parts which have value and repurposed product life use and could be harvested for product recycling purposes, rather than rendered as waste for landfill. We class Grade D as Spares, Repairs and Parts, to be sold in bulk load. Also can be suitable for buyer refurbishment.

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